“Securing bloodlines with core value is essential”

Fulcrum’s team relentlessly investigates markets to target fully stabilized investments in highly desirable and established markets. By identifying properties priced below real value, Fulcrum continually creates a diversified portfolio of assets including long term leases to high credit tenants in Class A buildings – ensuring a lifeline of investments to its stakeholders.


“Growth resides in recognising the strength of your assets”

Fulcrum value-add investments focus on identifying potential in existing assets and implementing strategies that will leverage on their strength and address weaknesses. Through targeted redevelopment, repositioning and optimisation of resources, Fulcrum repackages existing assets into high value products with high market demand.


“The real opportunity lies in foreseeing market trends”

Fulcrum opportunistic investments leverage on global market relationships, research and structuring capabilities to create products capitalizing on established and emerging urban neighbourhoods with demonstrated development potential. Riding on new constructions, joint developments, adaptive use or full lease-up activities, Fulcrum creates high value experiences ahead of market demand.

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